Get to know him

Jérémie Flemin is a choreographer, movement director and a high-level ice dance athlete based in Paris, France and Gdańsk, Poland.

Shows, competitions, and online music videos are just a few of his favourite ways to showcase his talent and passion. Icon artists such as Pharrell, Chris Brown, Dj Khaled, Lil Nas X, Cardi B, Trey Songz, Labrinth, Dennis Lloyd, Troyman, and others have saluted his performances. On top of that, international renowned ice-skaters regularly call upon him to design choreographies. Lastly, Jérémie has been the principal and only dancer in the TV teaser of Dancing On Ice UK. He has been live performing for a Jimmy Choo event this last winter. Coming soon, he will be part of the next edition of the prestigious Art On ice show in Switzerland for the second time. 

His love for ice skating started at the age of five, and pushed him later to leave his family at a young age to make something out of his passion. Since then, he traveled the world, training at the best institutions in Russia, Switzerland, Italy, and Canada to name a few, winning numerous medals and championships along the way.

Jeremie’s devotion for his art lead him to create a brand new segment of ice-dancing, where he is the only one in the world bringing hip-hop music and ice-skating together. His goal is to expose to the world this new art in figure skating. Meanwhile, he enjoys teaching his craft, and creating entertaining performances for his rapidly growing public.